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Life can seem so much more manageable when you have supporters to guide you through the maze. And, after gently working together to peel back the first layer or two of the onion you’ll probably notice that you are feeling lighter, you are beginning to have more space to spread your wings; to become who you really want to be….




During a retreat, here is what we'd like to achieve:

 to move slowly and respectfully, at your preferred pace

  • to provide a safe environment in which you can have your say and can really be ‘heard’
  • to provide some basic learning
  • to add to your list of Coping Strategies
  • to help you progress from hurting to healing

to reassure you that you are not alone; and that you are NOT going crazy! 


Using PowerPoint presentations, interactive exercises, checklists, and large and small group discussion, Audrey will guide you to design, personalize and implement some basic coping tools & techniques which will gradually "promote a new sense of Hope and Wonder in your Life and confirm that you are no longer alone".   









         Inner Child Retreat         

"Meet Your Wonder Child"














                    and also available

                          Part Two       

                   "Underneath the Mask"  













What  is an Inner Child Retreat All About?


Retreats come in all shapes and sizes.

Often a retreat is an opportunity to rest, unwind and revitalize. It can also mean a ‘safe setting’ in which to be inspired with new insights and intuitions; a ‘supportive environment’ in which to discover some unknown truths about yourself in a non-judgmental, extremely supportive environment.

An Inner Child Retreat in this setting is a full-day experience in which Audrey introduces her thoughts about how post traumatic stress has been experienced by your young and vulnerable inner child self during a dysfunctional childhood (in which you may have experienced one, or all of these: emotional, psychological, physical and mental abuse).

Audrey believes that we arrive in this world wiith all of the gifts, talents, curiosity and motivation necessary to be our own 'unique and spectacular' being but something often goes wrong along the way and Wonder Child goes underground as "Wounded Child" becomes a victim and sacrifices her identity while struggling to 'survive'.  

As Audrey introduces you, sometimes for the first time, to this 'Wonder Child' that is a strong, motivating force within you, she guides you through the beginning stages of your personal journey of Reclamation.

Bit by bit, Audrey will walk you through a series of exercises and teaching moments which will draw back the veil behind which your "Wonder Child" awaits your arrival. You will come to see the many gifts, talents, values, beliefs and coping mechanisms which have been cherished and protected within the heart and spirit of your "Wonder Child".

Once you accept Audrey's challenge to embrace the concept of a 'Wonderful Self' that has been waiting to meet with you and to share your childhood experiences with you, Audrey will guide you to a safe cocoon within which you will become aware of the extensive and diverse resources your 'Wonder Child' has developed to sustain you emotionally and spiritually through the years.

Within this supportive retreat Audrey will assist you to join forces with your 'Wonder Child' and embark on a mutually supportive journey of discovery. Having once been a "Victim of trauma" and now being a "Brave Survivor of trauma" Audrey will start you off on the road to becoming a Self-Aware and "Peaceful THRIVER"...

At a retreat, individuals come together to help each other. The shared group atmosphere acts as a gentle mirror to reflect who you really are and what you are truly capable of achieving. Through the eyes of those who surround you, You come to see true Beauty in Yourself and in others.

A favourite exercise of the retreat is one that Audrey uses often. It is called: “The Gifts I See in YOU”. In this exercise, each participant circulates and, one by one, takes the hands of a participant, looks directly in the eyes of that person and states a gift that has revealed itself during the short time they have been together. As each participant individually speaks to each and every individual in the room, participants hear positive things about themselves which they have never heard before, or believed to be true.

Sometimes simple exercises such as this are all we need to remind ourselves that we are whole, perfect and complete just as we are. A retreat provides the time and the place to do so; to celebrate and honour the beauty within ourselves.

Becoming our best self is a lifelong journey. A retreat is one experience which may give you a push in a new direction.



Life's a Journey and it's never too late to chart a new course

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