Audrey Ann Boler M.Ed.

Registered Pyschotherapist and Canadian Certified Counsellor


     Setting Boundaries & Letting Go

                         With Audrey Ann Boler M.Ed.


             3 Mondays in November 2018



        $50.00 covers the 3 week series


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As human beings we each have a need to see ourselves, and have others see us as a “good person”, one who cares about others, who is willing to help out, to make a contribution.  At the same time, we want to devote more time, energy and resources to taking care of our needs and wants – nobody is going to do it for us! 


The key here is finding a balance between meeting your own needs and helping other people meet theirs. Part of the recipe for success is learning to say “NO” to people, activities and requests that are draining us - or that we don’t enjoy any longer.  Saying “NO” to some things means opening up more space for “YES” to the things we do value and desire. And it is NOT SELFISH, either!


What type of material  will we cover in this series?


Week 1 presents an overview of the internal and external factors which make saying “No” exceedingly difficult. And together, in small and large group discussion, workshop participants will be guided to understanding themselves better in relation to balancing demands or requests for their time and energy.


Week 2 presents an overview of Types of Boundaries and the Areas they affect in our lives.           

Discussion: What limits do we need to set on our own behaviour in our relationships? What limits do we need to set on what we are willing to accept from others?


Week 3 presents an overview of Relationship Boundaries – Our relationships are truly our greatest gifts in Life.  Having Boundaries in place can often protect a relationship and help to ensure that they remain healthy. What kinds of things do we need to do to communicate efficiently and keep our relationship strong? How much time do we need to set aside to do that and still nurture our relationship with ourselves? 




We get along so well - except when we don't...















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