Audrey Ann Boler M.Ed.

Registered Pyschotherapist and Canadian Certified Counsellor












Who is Audrey Ann Boler M.Ed.,

Registered Psychotherapist ?


A native of Sudbury,  Audrey has been counselling English and French speaking clients in North Bay. She is now semi-retired, living and giving monthly workshops in Elliot Lake.

Audrey originally began her practice of psychotherapy in 1994 in Thompson, Manitoba under contract to Medical Services Branch of Health Canada and responded to the invitation of First Nations Communities to join them in their journey of healing. 

With more than two decades of varied counselling experience, Audrey has facilitated a wide variety of Healing Workshops. A highlight of her career has been attending week long gatherings of "Flying On Your Own" and being invited to speak at the 2011 Canadian Psychological Association Annual Convention in Toronto on the 'Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Parenting'.

Audrey is focusing primarily on Psychoeducational Workshops and Healing Circles now that she is entering the semi-retirement phase of her career. She is anxious to add her expertise as Psychotherapist and Group Facilitator to the wonderful complement of support services already in place in East Algoma.  Audrey's various Educational and Healing workshops will focus around such topics as: Self-Esteem, Assertiveness, Healthy Communication, Trauma associated with Sexual Abuse, Family Dysfunction, Anger, Self-Blame  and Grief.


Audrey is based in beautiful and soothing 

Elliot Lake


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